FAQ SERIES - Do you photograph people too?

We get this question quite often. Pet photography is a new photography genre and is rather unique!

To answer the question - do we photograph humans - Yes, we do! We photograph humans all the time! We have experience photographing fine art, head shots, commercial work, newborn, children, families and seniors.

We specialize on photographing dogs, cats, horses, and feathered friends but love working with humans too....especially when their four leggers.


FAQ SERIES - is Karra a cat or a dog person?

When Karra first started volunteering as a shelter photographer at the Kansas Humane Society, one of the first questions they asked her whether she was a cat person or a dog person?  She likes to consider herself an Omni animal person.  She doesn't have a personal preference and quite honestly can't choose a favorite, even if she tried.

Karra has been a pet parent to cats, horses, and a dog, named Heidi.  She is currently a pet parent to two senior catizens who have been with her since she lived in an apartment many many years ago (Gryffin is 17 and Phenix is 15).

Karra was raised on a farm, so animals were a major part of her upbringing.  Her first pet was a Chinchilla then she moved on to barn cats and kittens then dogs then horses and now she's back to cats.  There have been very few years of Karra's life when pets haven't been a mainstay in her life.

We can safely say Karra is an animal person.  Somedays, she prefers four leggers over two leggers.  We have no doubt that there are many who feel the same way!

FAQ Series - Why we provide proof prints

Do you sell the digitals?  Yes, we do.  We also provide a 4x6 proof of every digital image you purchase. 

We understand wanting the digitals.  In today's digital world, digitals fit nicely.  However, we are old school and have a caveat about digital files.  They are fragile - they can easily be corrupted, they can easily be deleted and unfortunately they suffer from technology changes (when was the last time you used a floppy disk?).  

Prints last years.  How many of our parents and grandparents still have pictures of past relatives in albums and frames on the wall?  

We believe in providing quality products and service to our customers by providing both digital images and professionally printed products, which include proof prints.  

Professionally created prints and products can be framed, displayed and enjoyed all year long. A USB sits in your drawer.  

Wow look at that gorgeous USB drive on your desk, said no one ever.
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