Miss Melanie's Pack

I love meeting other women entrepreneurs and Miss Melanie is one of those!  She runs Pawtree Go Dog Go Independent petpro (https://www.facebook.com/pawtreegodoggo) which is a pet food company.

She also is an Agility competitor.  Her pack is Eli Brady, Lindsey and Cody.   Cody, a former Agility competitor, is the oldest, only has eyes for his mom and his Mom's heart dog.  Eli is the youngest and has the most wonderful mischevious nature.  Miss Lindsey is her Daddy's girl. Brady is a beautiful Sable sheltie and he knows it :)

Miss Penny Lane

It was a rainy day when we met up with Miss Penny and her parents for their session!  Miss Penny is a border collie mix and a true model.  She loves being out in all kinds of weather and on this particular day it was overcast and rainy.  

Miss Penny met her parents at the Kansas Humane Society.  She is a pampered pup who loves her family and they love her!

Dog Pet Photo Picture Wichita_0025.jpg
Dog Pet Photo Picture Wichita_0039.jpg

Mr Nova

We met Mr Nova and his mom at Woofstock last year and his mom really wanted a green lush Pacific Northwest feel for his session.  Now, where do you find that kind of backdrop in Kansas? That's our little secret but it involves folks yelling "Fore" and frisbees.

Mr Nova is an  Alaskan Klee Kai or what many call a mini Husky.  What Nova doesn't have in stature, he makes up for it in personality!

Dog Pet Photo Picture Wichita_0021.jpg